Caballo Lake is at its highest level in years. The 2022 Monsoon Rains moved the lake levels to their highest level in the past 5 years. 2023 winter Snow fall in the Southern Colorado basin proved beneficial to our Lake! 2024 area moisture has been above average so we are anticipating a strong lake level early spring and into the summer. Come dip your toes in the Water or just take in the beauty of the CABALLO Mountains. There is always a reason to visit the region!

One thought on “CABALLO LAKE levels

  1. Early 2024 lake levels were down so that repairs could be made to the Caballo Damn. The downside was that water levels were very low but the fishing was tremendous according to many of our year around anglers. Levels should be on the rise soon and if you need additional information on lake levels you can always text us @ 575-743-0072 and we can provide you our visual update.

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