Caballo’s Premier BOAT & RV STORAGE.

Store it!!! Don’t Tow it! 575-743-0072


Fully enclosed and protected from 100% of the Sun’s Rays! You keep the Key! Your investment is triple protected with a gated environment, and the additional security offered by your personally locked door gives you extra comfort in knowing that you are doing your best to protect your investment from the Highway, Sun and Elements!

Covered Space

Covered Spaces protection is what your RV and Boat deserves! Damaging rays and high heat can weather your investment unnecessarily!

Pulling your RV/Boat up and down the highway exposes it to many hazards.

Stored under shelter, where you use it the most!

Protecting Investments

Your Boat/RV is your pride and relaxation! Protect it from the Sun’s harmful rays! Life is a highway, so keep your Boat/RV off of the dangers of long trips to and from the Lake. Pulling/towing your Boat/Rv creates extra wear and tear not to mention the additional cost of FUEL!

Don’t Tow it, Store it!

Molly B’s

(575) 743-0072 text or call or email us [email protected]

Office Hours

Phones answered 7am-6pm

Summer attendant Hours: 9am – 4pm

Molly B’s is located across from the Parks Main Entrance

STATE PARK directly across the Street! Only 50 yards from the Main Entrance ofCaballo Lake State Park!
Covered Spaces
Barns Offer surround Protection